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Digital Tachometer for Harley Davidson Sportster (Part 5 - Tachometer Benchmarking)

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Easiest way to start a project is always doing a benchmarking or market analysis. Doing this, we will be able to know what do we want, how do we want it and if we can reduce the complexity of the project by using already existing components.

  • Harley Davidson - Analog tachometer Kit 67182-07 (Price April'16: HD USA 337 USD / HD UE 524 €):

  • Installation Dificulty: ★★☆☆☆
    HD Sportster Tachometer. Source: Harley Davidson Speedometer and Tachometer bracket Ref#: 67182-07. Source: Harley Davidson Harness Ref# 68811-07. Source: Harley Davidson

    This is the solution that HD gives to all of you wanting to incorporate a second gauge with an analog tachometer into your Sportster. According the installation manual, this kit has, as interesting part for our project, a double gauge bracket (ref#: 67338-97) and a specific harness (ref#: 68811-07).

  • Harley Davidson - Digital speedometer/ Analog tachometer 4" Kit 70900274 (Price April'16: HD USA 315 USD / HD UE 405 €):

  • Installation Dificulty: ★☆☆☆☆
    HD Sportster 2 in 1. Source: Harley Davidson Tacho and speedometer gauge. Source: Harley Davidson

    Another solution offered by HD if you prefer having only 1 gauge on the bike to show all the information. According the installation manual, this kit only includes this 2 in 1 gauge, so there is no other part that we can use. Nevertheless, we have a datasheet with some additional information that can come in handy. Three things:

    • You need to copy the information from the original speedometer/odometer to the new gauge.
    • Since 2008, Sportster ECM can inform about the current gear.
    • The gauge will also inform about the fuel level if you purchase separately the Fuel Sensor Kit (Ref# 61200008).
  • Harley Davidson - Speedo and Tachometer from a Sportster XR1200R (Price April'16: 518.00 USD / HD UE - € ):

  • Installation Dificulty: ★★☆☆☆
    HD XR1200R Gauges. Source: http://ridermagazine.com Tachometer 67576-08. Source: www.befr.ebay.be Speedometer 67087-08. Source: m.ebay.ie

    First option that is different from the ones that HD proposes. As expected, it is not sold as a kit and you have to buy the parts separately or try to find a good deal on the internet in the second hand market. Parts:

    67087-08 SPEEDOMETER - 222.00 USD
    67576-08 TACHOMETER W/ODOMETE - 169.00 USD
    67157-08 BRACKET, INSTR - 38.00 USD
    67170-08 BACK COVER, INSTR 0604 - 25.00 USD
    67091-08 INSTR HARNESS 0604 - 64.00 USD
    67121-95A GASKET tachometer -7.10 USD
    67174-08 GASKET speedometer - 11.00 USD
  • Dakota Digital Direct Plug-in Speedo & Tach - MCL-3204 (Price April'16: 400 USD / UE - €):

  • Installation Dificulty: ★☆☆☆☆
    Dakota Digital MCL-3200 red. Source: Dakota Digital MCL-3200 Plug in. Source: Dakota Digital
    Yet another solution, this time not from HD. This is only 1 gauge with everything integrated and plug&play. According the installation manual, this unit has many interesting functions using the available information in the data bus as the current gear, rpm, engine temperature,... and it also has special functions as time from 0-100kph (0-60mph), adjustable shifting point,... This is a true sporty gague... very interesting indeed.
  • Speedway instruments - microTach+ Tachometer (Price April'16: 150 USD / UE - €):

  • Installation Dificulty: ★★☆☆☆
    microTach+ installed. Source: Speedway instruments 2 different surfaces for microTach+, chrome or black. Source: Speedway instruments
    Super simple design offered by this brand with only the 2 most significant dígits to show the engine RPM. Remember that stock Sportster 883/1200 only get up to aprox 6000 RPM. This tachometer comes with two different finishes (chrome and black) and it uses only 3 wires (Ign, ground and spark plug ignition coil).
  • KOSO NORTH AMERICA- TNT-01R Tachometer – 8 000 RPM (Price April'16: 200 USD / UE - €):

  • Installation Dificulty: ★★★☆☆
    KOSO TNT-01R caràtula blanca i negra. Source: KOSO NORTH AMERICA KOSO TNT-01R kit. Source: KOSO NORTH AMERICA
    Another advanced solution to connect direclty to the spark plug coil. According the installation manual of this programable analog tachometer, it can be installed in all motorcycles and there is a configuration menu to make the proper adjustments.
  • Chinese solutions on eBay:

  • Installation Dificulty: ★★☆☆☆
    Digital Tachometer. Source: ebay Analog Tachometer. Source: ebay
    Small gauges in 3-wire connection format (Ign, ground and spark plug coil).
  • Other:

  • 2" MINI-BULLET TACH Black Face 1" Clamp

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